Muriel's intervention is sensitive and efficient. Her listening is excellent and her reformulations are clear. Her relevant and respectful questions allow us to get closer to our aspirations for the most beautiful realizations. Muriel has neither ready-made solutions nor miracle-achievements, her personalized support shows her flexibility and professionalism. I highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Florence L.

It really feels good to talk to a competent professional to put some order in your life, in your head. You come in with knots and you leave on a cloud of lace and full of enthusiasm. Muriel leads you with delicacy, step by step, towards the way of wisdom. Simply, with a lot of humanity, she gives you keys to smoothly access and discover a world you didn't even dare to imagine. Not only will you look forward to going back and moving forward on your personal path and discovering together life possibilities, moreover, her coaching sessions are a playful and exciting moment. Looking forward to my next session.

Micheline R.

My life wasn't so easy at that time. I absolutely had to put some order into it. To do so,

I needed to be guided. I contacted Muriel who I had met through a common friend.

She first listened very carefully. I was able to tell her everything and what needed

to be done. Together, we found solutions, ways to be better organized and more autonomous. I want to thank Muriel for her help which was very beneficial.

Ann N.

Muriel's coaching was the starting point of a better self awareness, which has been very constructive and positive for me. Understanding my purpose has enabled me to

both realize, and reach for what I want. I highly recommend her deep listening

and her clear and structured approach.

Alice B.

During my coaching training at the Leading and Coaching Academy,

I had the opportunity to be supported by Muriel as she was an assistant  for the participants.

Thanks to the relevance and to the correctnessof her feedbacks, her alert, open and friendly presence,

she allowed me to deeper and in a more subtle way integratethe different aspects of coaching, theoretical and practical, and more particularly, to develop some rigor in my coach posture, while encouraging my creativity and intuition.  A professional and a beautiful person, undoubtedly !

John V.

I had never had a coaching session before, but have a lot of experience with traditional therapy.

I found the coaching sessions with Muriel to be very beneficial, and in many ways much more efficient than more traditional approaches. Muriel was very professional, but also relaxed, and created a comfortable environment in which I found it easy to share openly about my situation. I came to Muriel because I had been struggling with a particular issue for a long time, and was feeling really stuck. I was quite surprised with how effortlessly it seemed Muriel was able to help me identify where I was getting stuck, and then guide me in exploring this issue from different perspectives. I found her overall demeanor to be very comforting,

non-judgmental and efficient, which I appreciated as it enabled me to see immediate benefit from the sessions.

Rachel J.

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